"Best of Brighton" Members

The members of the Best of Brighton are part of the premier networking/referral/mastermind group in Brighton, Michigan.  The companies and professionals have been hand selected and are the top of their class in their respective businesses and professions.

For a company or service professional to be nominated, they must meet certain ethical, customer service and quality standards to be considered, then commit to regular business improvement meetings to maintain "Best of Brighton" status.

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Facilitator Led Meetings

The Best of Brighton is a facilitator led group ran by Book Yourself Solid Elite Level Chris Berry who has been running referral and networking groups for over 10 years.

The advantage of a facilitator ran group is that there is a consistency in leadership and a professionalism to the leadership of the group.  The group meets almost every Monday at 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm at The Elder Care Firm, located at 8550 W. Grand River Ave., Ste. 200, Brighton, MI 48116.

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Want to Join?

Joining the Best of Brighton isn't like joining any other referral group as we're not looking to grow just for growth sake.  We're looking for a select group of high energy, highly qualified, top-of-their-field professionals and businesses.

To take the first step, to see if you're a good fit for our group, you may apply and pay the application fee.  All applications will be reviewed, but few will be accepted.


Interested in learning more?

If you would like more information on the Best of Brighton group, please contact us.